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The Need to Read

Nottinghamshire- based performance poet, Louise Ashley was so inspired by the ideas behind Rooted in Reading that she wrote the following poem. You may want to use it as part of your reading for pleasure promotion.

The Need To Read

The need to read is as strong as that to breath on letters I feed every syllable plants a seed

at the imagination’s centre I willingly enter I’m caught in flexible thought this can’t be taught can’t be bought

my mind’s active and engaged in a gallery of knowledge, beautifully displayed I gain an understanding of how others think and feel I’m open to new ideas whether dreams, or totally real

open up a book open up a new dimension creativity is cocooned between the lines the mind’s an amazing invention processing information catapults concentration

promotes a positive lifestyle focusing on words is proven to be worthwhile the rhythm of language develops good reading skills want to think for yourself? reading fulfills

whether entertaining fiction or knowledgeable fact reading is relaxing a therapeutic act take a break from the day to day – escape be instantly transported journey through another’s eyes into another world where ‘the possible’ lies

right side brain is stimulated the inner artist escalated maintain a sense of self improve emotional health your interests expand, your future’s in your hands

ideas grow in every direction communication spreads via the reading infection stay informed, nourish your soul reading and writing make a whole so don’t think you don’t have the need grab a good book and have a good read!

Louise Ashley

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