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Steve has worked with over 200 leaders and managers in educational, social work and medical settings, helping them to understand their own behaviour better and create plans to make more effective behaviour choices in the future.


Steve is the holder of an ILM7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring certificate. If you are interested in coaching or would like to work with Steve to help you, your team or your company to maximise interpersonal effectiveness, please get in touch via the Contact page.

"Steve’s coaching was superb. He used a range of  techniques as well as intuitive chats to help me explore how I could create the books I want to and to get them into the hands of people who might read – and buy – them. I have come away with a new focus and a new way of structuring my days and weeks and months. Simple things that have had a massive impact. As a slight cynic about coaching, I was delighted with the outcome and the process."

Tom Palmer, author of Resist and After the War.

Steve has worked with many headteachers on their performance management and has coached CEOs and leaders working in medical and social work.

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