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Rooted in Reading

Rooted in Reading began life in 2008 as a reading for pleasure promotion linked to the National Year of Reading. The green passport was created first, followed by the navy blue one which had more space to accommodate younger pupils' handwriting. When my son, then 10, completed his green passport it was clear that a new version with new challenges would be needed next and the range began to grow. With Morris Gleitzman, whose father was a Polish airman stationed in Lincolnshire during WW2, agreeing to become the project's patron, it really began to expand. There are now 13 passports in the series plus a couple of linked booklets - Cultural Enrichment and SPAG. 


There are now Rooted in Reading resources designed to encourage reading for pleasure by all ages, from pre-school age children (Sharing Stories and Rhymes), through primary and secondary to A level (Critical Literacy, The Rooted in Reading Award), not forgetting teachers (Teacher's Passport). You can view short films (primary and secondary) in which children, teachers, Morris Gleitzman and Michael Rosen talk about the project - great to show in assemblies. There is also a research report that you can download. Steve has also recorded a couple of films for Myatt and Co which explain the project and would be ideal for staff or departmental meetings - you will need an account but you can access them for free here.

Rooted in Reading is pleased to be supported by NATE (the National Association for the Teaching of English) and NAAE (the National Association for Advisers in English) and endorsed by UKLA (the United Kingdom Literacy Association).

Schools can order using a Purchase Order - please download an order form here. Save a copy, complete and return it by email.

A blog in which Steve explains the 15 Rooted in Reading principles can be accessed here.   

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