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Rooted in Reading Sharing Stories and Rhymes Passport

Rooted in Reading Sharing Stories and Rhymes passports.


These beautifully designed reading diaries/journals are a great way to encourage parents and their children to read more for pleasure at home and to boost their understanding of the lives of others.


  • Proven to boost engagement in reading -
  • Very low cost (below 40p per pupil) and no technical support required.
  • Used in a wide range of private and state schools across the UK and beyond.
  • Supported by NATE, UKLA and NAAE.
  • Available in single copies, class set packs and packs of 100.
  • Patron - Morris Gleitzman.
  • Key Stages: Pre-school
  • Subjects: English and Literacy
  • Years covered: Pre-school
  • Number of pages: 16
  • Format: A6


Parents reading to their children is vital to the development of the next generation of readers. It is also irreplaceable bonding time. These passports give parents a place to record 12 books that they have shared with their child. The prompts encourage reflection on why the book was chosen, how it was shared and how the child responded. Could be completed quickly over two weeks or at a more leisurely pace. Either way, parents will be creating an invaluable momento of special times shared with their young one.


Purchase a page of 12 Rooted in Reading logo stickers (available on this site) that the child can stick onto each page as it is completed.

Rooted in Reading Sharing Stories and Rhymes Passport

SKU: 0001
PriceFrom £1.00
  • A6 booklet (148mm x 105mm)  with a message from Morris Gleitzman, project patron, an explanation, 12 entry pages and ideas on sharing stories with your child.

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