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Rooted in Reading passports: an introduction

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

It occurred to me recently that, although Rooted in Reading has now been around for over a decade, there are still many teachers out there who are not aware of it. I also know, from some of the emails I get, that it is not always clear to teachers how each of the passports is designed to work. So I thought it might be useful to kick off the new year with a series of blogs, one each on all the individual passports that make up the Rooted in Reading project. Hopefully this will not only result in more people hearing about the passports but also encourage more schools to get involved and help them to feel confident that they are getting a passport which will meet their pupils’ needs and encourage them to read widely for pleasure, whatever their age.

My plan is to list the key features of each passport in a simple post so that they are then available as a resource for prospective users to reference.


If you have any specific questions or requests for topics you would like me to cover, please get in touch via the comments below or email me on You can access the Rooted in Reading order form here.

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